Sunday, November 27, 2011

sometimes , to be compatible with your fellow members of the society , you feel obliged to need what they need , and do what they do
you feel obliged to be a silent copy , although you're a genuine version
it's a rule , you shouldn't be different
cause that's a big danger , especially in a society like here in egypt
everyone , i mean everyone is concerned about your life , and thinks it's his faithful job to advise you , regardless this precious advice is needed or not , whether it fits your situation or not
whether you'll accept what he accepts , believe what he believes
he/she just talks , and thinks it's his divine message to express his -totally unwelcome - opinion anyway
we're like a quality insurance observer on the behavior of everyone else except ourselves
we are members of the same society , because we live on the same place or share some similarities , color , language .. etc , but we shouldn't share all , we shouldn't be similar in everything
we shouldn't all be selling , ( the job that everyone end up working in one way or the other)
we shouldn't all be wearing skinny jeans , we shouldn't all be sharing the same religious beliefs
everyone should get enough free space to say , " well , i don't want to do this , and i don't have to explain why , i'm mature enough to know what's good for me "

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