Tuesday, March 29, 2011

today , i realized that we have the predator instinct , like any other animal out there
we sense weakness , we smell fear , and we attack
it's so provoking , it's the chance to prove that you're stronger , that you belong to the lions ,not the lambs
we're ready to kneel down to power , however aggressive and tyrant , but we can't forgive weakness
we take advantage of it , we like to abuse the weak , it satisfies our ego
that's why it's often said , to beware of showing your weakness
beware of provoking the predator instinct in people around you cause it'll not stop , it's insatiable and fierce
is it ok to show it to the people you love ? i can't be sure about that , but they can turn to be the worst predators !
tip of the day : beware !

Monday, March 28, 2011

even if you didn't show it , even if you try hard to conceal it ,
you're worn out ( i mean me also , don't get distracted )
it's showing , whether through your weary smile , or the extinguished light in your eyes , or this weak tone of your voice
you're not you , you're the shadowy , pale version of you , the palest color of your colors
and it's turning to be a trend nowadays
we're definitely the saddest generation ever existed on earth ,
we think we have it all , but somehow we're losing it all
we're materializing our nature , we're been cut to sizes , heated , boiled , pressed , packed in boxes
we're adding stress and pressure on every little detail , to make it faster , to make it better , to make it now
every real human detail , is put aside and getting smaller and insignificant , like an appendix or a rudimentary tail
it's scary and increasing , and i don't want to be there when it reaches the peak

Monday, March 21, 2011

i believe it's ok to write , even when you don't really know what to say
this is one of my foolish attempts to write daily ,
i tried to keep a diary , but it didn't work , i confess , i have an insignificant life , so static , that i can literally predict every single moment
so it's not the course of my days that will concern me in this blog , it's the course of my thoughts , the common clouds that passed your head and my head
these set of feelings that we all possess , these unsolved question marks
i can't promise to be amusing , i can't promise to be wiser
but i promise to be honest