Thursday, August 2, 2012

حكاية ان الشمس بتطلع تاني كل يوم .. من أول و جديد
من نفس المكان ,, و بنفس الروح البكر .. و لا زهقت و لا عجزت
حكاية بديعة ! .. الصفحة الجديدة المنورة .. الفرصة اللي لسه ماتخطفتش .. اللون اللي اتولد و اتخلق .. كأنه اول مرة يقابل الأرض
و بعدين الفرحة .. اللي في الزرع و في العصافير و ي السما.. الاحتفال الصغير الهادي .. اللي انت بتبقى نايم و ما بتلحقوش
اصحى بدري .. حب الشمس .. خليها تغسل هموم امبارح
خليها تولدك معاها .. انت جديد النهارده
انت مش بتاع امبارح .. انت بتاع النهارده و بس !

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

bright side ? excuse me !

they tell you to look on the bright side
but they don't tell you how , or from where this bright side rises every morning
it's a vague advice , yet it's very popular
and that makes you feel kinda stupid , it's like somenone saying to you
" you know what you got to do " ! , then he smiles and goes away , satisfied with the pearl he just delivered to you
or like someone who puts a coin in your hand and say " just flip it and you'll find the answer"
come on !
just tell me where the bright side is , what is it that looks so bright
and then i'll be grateful !
sincerely i will !

Friday, June 29, 2012

أي ثمن ندفع .. ليصمت هذا العالم
ليفتح نافذة صغيرة لمن تختنق أرواحهم
لمن لا يقبلون الإجابات المعدة سلفا .. و  لا المشاعر المبررة
و لا الحياة في إطار معدني
بكم من أعصابي المهترئة .. أدفع ثمن فقاعة صغيرة لعالمي
بكم أسدد رهن حريتي و أحلامي ؟
بماذا ندين لك أيها العالم .. لنحيا
فقط لنسترد هبة الحياة

Friday, January 13, 2012

one of these moments , when you feel you can't do anyone any good
you can't really give anything of yourself , cause you're so emotionally poor
so hungry
so cold and weary
you can't be as generous and patient as you wish to be
something dark gets over you and you feel like hurting someone
or the need to be alone so you don't have to
you can't stand trying to be nice , another nice word will make you nauseous
you're alone in this and no one can help you feel better
it's all your doing , it's all in your head .

Monday, December 5, 2011

it's one of this moments when you're happy in a way you can't explain to yourself
not the sharp joy , it's the warm and smooth satisfaction
it's for no particular reason , you're just feeling really fine
and it feels right , as if it's how it's supposed to be , like it's the default in everybody
and it needs nothing to get there , you just need to realize it , to touch it inside you
it's like a soft music all day long , you forget that it's on , you lose it in the crowded room
but when you really concentrate , it's still being played , and it will be
this feeling is completely free of charge , it doesn't ask you for a degree or your bank account
all it needs is some room in your head , to give it a space to grow or just .. breathe 

Monday, November 28, 2011

 I know that there's something about my life that isn't quite right
I can't point it out , but i just know .. like everyone know , but don't give it much thought
I can say that it stopped being a life for sometime ago , the scene has frozen , the words are repeated from the same hidden radio everyday in the same tone
I thought i remember , in the little book about life for beginners, i once read
"it's completely "forbidden" (in flashy red ink) that life should ever be predictable
so why is it violating this strict rule in my case?
why is it so stupidly boring ?
what ? has the beginner's book changed without anyone telling me about it ?
did we force (out of fear of the unknown) life to be predictable ?
did we kill the main reason why life is a life ! , did we kill "c'est la vie !" with it's beautiful exclamation mark ?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

it's a very weird , or very brave action to write to yourself
cause that what's writing in a blog with 2 followers basically means :-D
it shows you how awfully you love writing , that you deny the fact that nobody's reading
it shows you that writing in itself is your medicine
that it's still enlightening , even if it's just turning on the torch for you alone in a dark room
that you'll still do it , no matter how stupid it may look
you'll talk to yourself , you'll squeeze your mind for the right word
because it feels so damn good when you find the right word
it's still rewarding , even with "zero" readers
so , dear" me" .. have a lovely night :-)