Monday, November 28, 2011

 I know that there's something about my life that isn't quite right
I can't point it out , but i just know .. like everyone know , but don't give it much thought
I can say that it stopped being a life for sometime ago , the scene has frozen , the words are repeated from the same hidden radio everyday in the same tone
I thought i remember , in the little book about life for beginners, i once read
"it's completely "forbidden" (in flashy red ink) that life should ever be predictable
so why is it violating this strict rule in my case?
why is it so stupidly boring ?
what ? has the beginner's book changed without anyone telling me about it ?
did we force (out of fear of the unknown) life to be predictable ?
did we kill the main reason why life is a life ! , did we kill "c'est la vie !" with it's beautiful exclamation mark ?

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