Friday, April 29, 2011

sometimes it's hard to grasp this thought
that there're so many people out there , SO many , each with a mind of his own , dreams of his  own
foolishness of his own
so many gone , and so many are still to come
it's endless , massive maze of details
it leaves me feeling helpless sometimes , that however original an idea is ,it's hard not to think that there must be someone , somwhere , thought of this before or even at the same time as you did
it's hard to be new , it's hard to be unique or one of a kind in a world like this
but you won't have to be distressed about this ,
maybe it's a bliss that you don't have to reinvent the wheel , that you won't have to rediscover the dark roads
and it's definitely a bliss to watch the creativity of all these minds , at one point of a time , a bliss to watch all these differences
a bliss to observe that there's never a" copy and paste" in a feature or a smile or a print of a human being
we're different though we sometimes don't realize it , as we 've been packed in categories and stereotypes
but in a deeper level , you're not like anybody , you're you
you can still be unique in this huge, old ,played-all-the-tricks world

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