Monday, April 4, 2011

i still insist on writing , though no one is reading
but it's ok , let it be my dark room , here , i'll just le it be !
there're days , and in my case , they're plenty , when you can't tell if you're blessed or cursed
can't define if you're really miserable , or you made it up
don't know why you are in this place and stuck with these people
don't know whether you like these people , or you just got used to them , or simply there're no other options !
don't know if life didn't get your messages , or they were mixed up with someone else's
can't tell if you're too stupid , or too smart
then it gets hard , and really confusing , and you wish you don't have to deal with all these questions today
or tomorrow , and you'll get busy to distract them away
but you'll never get busy enough to escape from yourself

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