Tuesday, March 29, 2011

today , i realized that we have the predator instinct , like any other animal out there
we sense weakness , we smell fear , and we attack
it's so provoking , it's the chance to prove that you're stronger , that you belong to the lions ,not the lambs
we're ready to kneel down to power , however aggressive and tyrant , but we can't forgive weakness
we take advantage of it , we like to abuse the weak , it satisfies our ego
that's why it's often said , to beware of showing your weakness
beware of provoking the predator instinct in people around you cause it'll not stop , it's insatiable and fierce
is it ok to show it to the people you love ? i can't be sure about that , but they can turn to be the worst predators !
tip of the day : beware !

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